Aite Group

Rise of the New API Security Gateway Market

Aite_2020_ReportGoogle, Strava, Panera Bread, Facebook, the Indian government, Venmo, Salesforce, Marriott, the U.S. Postal Service, and T-Mobile are just a few of the largest companies and organizations that have suffered breaches as a result of poorly secured APIs. The rise in API data breaches means traditional API gateways with security as a feature and legacy web application firewalls have offered enough empirical data that these technologies are no longer sufficient to protect organizations and their data.

This report proposes a new product category of API security gateways (ASGs) designed to secure organizational externally facing and internally facing APIs in order to highlight the failure of using API gateway solutions to secure APIs. It also emphasizes a need to decouple ASGs from the API gateways product category and explains why attempting to secure APIs against cyberattacks with API gateways and web application firewalls is ineffectual.

This report dives deep into the types of attacks employed against API servers through a hands-on attack lab and how ASGs detect and prevent them.


Download the Aite Group report to learn about how API Security Gateways (ASG) are essential components in a successful and secure API architecture.