Forum Sentry API Gateway Tutorial

In this video, we provide you with an overview of features of the Forum Sentry API Security Gateway.

The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway is a secure COTS technology that combines capabilities of CASB, IDAM, API Management, and PKI Cryptography to securely connect systems, applications, and entities using built-in policy based controls.   Forum Sentry is a unique technology that has over 17 years of proven deployments in mission critical environments worldwide.  Forum Sentry is an autonomous solution requiring no other 3rd party technologies to operate.  It is provided in hardware and virtual form factors for deployment in any computing ecosystem.   

The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway differs dramatically from standard API Gateways whereby Forum Sentry is a dynamic data security provider that combines identity attributes + data attributes to securely connect on-premise and cloud-based technologies.  Forum Sentry is a certified-secure technology product with compliance to leading security standards and is also has achieved FIPS 140-2 and NIAP Common Criteria NDPP certifications.

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