CyberSecure Identity PEP

Let's talk about preventing identity breaches using CyberSecure Identity technology.

With dozens of records, data and identities being compromised in what seems to be a weekly news headline, enterprise businesses and governments are left looking for a solution that requires minimal effort to implement and still ensures security.

As we have said in a previous blog postIdentity and Access Management (IAM) tools, while a critical component of any successful defense, aren’t equipped to thwart attacks. The solutions aren’t secure, despite their adoption being increasingly designated as security-focused.

We invite you to download our presentation: Preventing Identity Breaches Using CyberSecure Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs)

Inside we will discuss:

  • The security challenges of modern Identity based software
  • Principles of Data Security and Identity Access Control
  • How to harden the Policy Enforcement Points (PEP's) in your identity infrastructure
  • How to create a cyber-hardened solution leveraging API Security Gateway technology