Forum Sentry vs MuleSoft


Forum Systems is an industry leader modern API solution architecture and the provider of the Forum Sentry API Gateway.   Forum Sentry is a proven technology deployed in enterprises and government agencies worldwide with 100% deployment success and has never been compromised in any deployment.   
Forum Sentry is engineered for deployment in any computing environment, on premise, hosted, or in the cloud.  This versatility allows Forum Sentry to provide solutions for any variant of API traffic to ensure all aspects of the API ecosystem are included.  This robust and unparalleled feature set of API technology allows a more robust and sophisticated API strategy which addresses both the outer API layer and the core API layer of the architecture.

A key difference between MuleSoft and Forum Sentry is that Forum Sentry provides extensible capabilities that are built-in to the platform while MuleSoft requires substantial developer coding, testing, maven builds, Eclipse IDEs, JAR files, 3rd party technologies, proprietary coding language, and heavyweight JAVA virtual machines for each API. Forum Sentry built-in modules and feature enable easily re-usable design patterns that can target the full set of API lifecycle aspects and user, device, application, workload, data, network, environment, automation, orchestration, visibility, and analytics.  


Download the Forum Sentry vs MuleSoft white paper to learn about how Forum Sentry can replace 100% of the business functionality provided by MuleSoft and how Forum Sentry API deployments have distinct advantages over MuleSoft API deployments to dramatically save costs, improve performance, and simplify the API architecture footprint.