Secure Federated Authentication and Access Control 

Secure_fed_id2.pngAuthentication and access control is an essential aspect of modernizing capability and adapting to the evolving landscape of computing. The focus to achieving secure Identity often revolves around product solutions that attempt to solve identity with agents, adapters, and rip-and-replace environment disruption.

Forum Systems provides an easier path that does not require any agents or adapters, improves performance, and improves security. 

In this paper, we will discuss how to achieve secure authentication and access control in a landscape of existing IdM systems, repositories, directory services, and other user information stores by unifying these capabilities via a federation services architecture tier. We will show how an enterprise can architect an identity solution to expose standards-based identity capabilities while leveraging existing architecture to reduce cost, and reduce the burden of actual implementation and deployment. Additionally, we will explore the necessary aspects of protecting the identity components of the architecture as a core part of our solution approach.

In this paper you will learn:

  • Key technology foundations of Identity Federation
  • Agent-less vs Agent-based solution approaches
  • Leveraging existing solutions rather than building new ones
  • How to achieve a more secure approach to identity