Synovus Simplifies Mobile Banking and Optimizes SSO and Federation with Forum Systems

Synovus had many disparate applications serving multiple lines of business, where information needed by each centralized application was fetched either by batch process or application-centric functions. As a result of increased real-time data requirements and the velocity of data change needed within the organization, the Synovus technology team adopted a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The migration to SOA allowed Synovus to rely on interoperable services with well-defined business functionality built on software components that can be reused for different purposes..

In this paper you will see how Synovus has achieved major IT goals including 

  • Implementing an SOA strategy to enable legacy and new applications to securely share business rules and data
  • Enabled fast and efficient SSO to Synovus and third-party applications
  • Dramatically accelerated the response time for authenticating users for online banking while enabling SSO to third-party applications
  • Re-used existing web services to swiftly deploy new applications—such as creating and testing a mobile banking application within 40 days