Fundamentals of Enterprise API Security

As enterprise and government organizations move toward cloud and virtual technology and software-defined networks, data security is essential for both external integration, internal integration, and architecture design. Without the right approach, solutions become complex, costly, and expose organizations to security risks. API Security and Zero Trust Architecture represents the consolidated approach for enterprise data security, threat mitigation and logical access control in modern architecture design.

Building a proper security infrastructure provides many benefits. In this webinar, Nolan O’Dwyer, Architect at HP, and guest speaker Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will share the key components and best practices for implementing API Security and Zero Trust principles.

Feature Presentations:

Implementing Agile API Security: HP’s Strategy for UK Public Sector
Nolan O’Dwyer – Architect, HP

Layered Security for API Architecture            
Randy Heffner – VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester


Jason Macy – CTO, Forum Systems